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thank you for visiting i love it if you would write something pretty in my guestbook.

- Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 15:21:12 (CEST)
flora <>

Hey, when I back home, I just realized that i had not left my email address to u. Here is my blog but most of the articles were written in Chinese. Hope u may find a friend to translate. It's very nice to meet u in Bristol though u were a little bit sentimental. lol

- Friday, June 25, 2004 at 08:08:52 (CEST)
chris <>

hi greencoffeeman. thanks for the undeserved compliments on our photosite. i love your site but u might want to make the background colour white, imho of coz, imho... ;) it is a great site - i love all the mouseovers and special effects.

- Saturday, May 15, 2004 at 15:31:24 (CEST)
Siany < >

Hey Markus, How are you? have you had a nice day? isn't the weather good?... and all the other greetings needed before I actually say what I want to! As you probably know I love your website especially the pretty photos and thoughts. It's been a pleasure and an experience knowing you. Final thought: smile, just because. Love Siany

- Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 01:46:36 (CEST)
Chris Wilson <>

Hi Markus I must say this is an absolutely amazing site, you are clearly a very gifted individual! And obviously as a geographer I am fascinated by the pictures, they make my yearning to travel even greater! If you need any information on the past of Czech borders I recently did a case study of the boundary with Hungary and the Austro-Hungarian empire :) Chris

- Thursday, March 04, 2004 at 15:38:56 (CET)
Lena <>

Hi Markus, what can i say after looking your site through ? it’s difficult to say what i liked more - photos or the content, anyway - it was great, .. because it was like seeing you once again :))

- Tuesday, January 24, 2004 at 16:53:20 (CET)
liv <>

Hej Marcus die Seite ist richtig Klasse! Vor allem Deine Photos haben mir sehr gut gefallen. Gibt es denn auch schon Photos aus Durhm? kram liv.

yes, some are now available at

- Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 16:31:34 (CET)
ennit <>

Hai Markus, sieht klasse aus! ich hoffe bei dir ist alles paletti, viele liebe Grüße Ennit

- Friday, July 4, 2003 at 13:27:29 (CET)
Vitaly <>

Hi! Nice web-site, quite original layout and cute navigation! Besides, I like coffe very much, das ist fantastisch ! Zehr angenem!

- Tuesday, June 3, 2003 at 21:28:57 (CET)
Michael <>

Hallo Markus, wie wärs mit einer "back"-óption in deinen netten kleinen ich-bau-malkluge- spüche-von-klugen-leuten-ein-zwischenmenues???

- Monday, April 21, 2003 at 21:12:34 (CET)
Alexey <>

How re you? You make the very nice site!

- Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 15:33:29 (CET)
Thomas Hofer <>

Hi Markus! Schön, dass Du auf der Seite mit den "rocks" an die ARABS auf Elba gedacht hast - die Münze daneben hat Dich verraten! Cheers, Thomas

- Monday, March 24, 2003 at 10:47:56 (CET)
Alla <>

Well done, Markus, I like this idea geo+coffee , it sounds original + sweet !!! i'm curious to get the whole picture, i mean to see the finished sight a.s.a.p.

- Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 16:56:22 (CET)
Olja <>

Sieht alles sehr cool aus, besonders Deine Bilder ;))

- Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 13:58:12 (CET)
Igor Pilipenko <>

Hallo Markus, Gratulationen mit deiner neuen Webseite!!! Sie sieht super aus! Gruesse aus Moskau, Igor

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